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Experience the robust defense of our exclusive DDoS protection service, "Glacier Shield." Whether you operate a website or a game server, ensure uninterrupted online performance with our cost-effective DDoS protection, starting at just Rs. 800 per month. Trust Glacier Shield to fortify your digital assets against DDoS attacks without compromising your budget.

Let our experts choose the perfect Shield for you!

Explore our DDoS protection shields: Ice for beginners, Snow for universal protection, and Glacier for enterprise-level security. Safeguard your website or game server with the shield that suits your needs and enjoy robust DDoS protection.

Shields and Pricing


800 Monthly
  • 2.5 TB Monthly Traffic
  • Advanced Antibot
  • Advanced Analytics
  • MOTD Caching


1,600 Monthly
  • All From ICE +
  • 4 TB Monthly Traffic
  • Attack Notifications
  • IP Firewall


3,000 Monthly
  • All From Snow +
  • 6 TB Monthly Traffic
  • Anti VPN
  • Rejoin Cooldown

Choosing the Best DDoS Shield

Responsive and Expert Support

Count on our Glacier Shield Hosting specialists, available 12/7, to assist you with any inquiries regarding your DDoS protection needs. Our team is here to guide you and address any queries, ensuring you receive the support you need for seamless Glacier Shield management and robust DDoS protection.

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12/7 Support

Count on Glacier Hosting for unwavering support available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Benefit from our remarkable average response time of just 30 minutes, ensuring that assistance for your servers is readily available whenever you need it.

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Our support team encompasses diverse expertise, ranging from navigating OS intricacies to seamless software installations. We're consistently available to assist you with any challenges you encounter.


Individualized Help

We steer clear of bots (apologies if you happen to be one); our team comprises 100% human experts, always at your service to address any inquiries regarding your servers with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Glacier Shield is a specialized service designed for robust DDoS protection. Unlike traditional hosting, it focuses on safeguarding your online assets from DDoS attacks, providing a secure and resilient environment for your digital presence.

Yes, Glacier Shield is versatile and can be tailored to various needs. Whether you run a small website, a game server, or manage a large enterprise, Glacier Shield offers scalable DDoS protection to suit different scenarios.

Our dedicated support team, available 12/7, is here to guide you through any inquiries related to your Glacier Shield Hosting. Our experts provide assistance, ensuring you have the necessary support for seamless management of your Glacier Shield and optimal DDoS protection.