Glacier Hosting



About Glacier Hosting

Glacierhosting’s commitment is to provide the most premium and affordable hosting services to the Indian audience. Recognizing the high prices of hosting services for Indian users, we have emerged as an Indian hosting company with a mission to offer cost-effective hosting solutions not only to the Indian audience but to everyone around the world. In doing so, we aim to represent India prominently in the international market of hosting services, bridging the gap and making quality hosting accessible to a global clientele.

How glacier hosting was founded

In the year 2023, Glacier Hosting came to life through the joint efforts of two friends, Nikhil and Harsh. Their shared love for creating Minecraft servers led them to notice that players were having a tough time finding good and affordable hosting options. This realization prompted Nikhil and Harsh to take matters into their own hands and start their own hosting service. Despite facing challenges with limited resources, the duo pressed on. Fortunately, during the early days of their startup, two crucial figures, Varun and Kishan, came forward to lend a helping hand. These individuals, now respected founding allies, played significant roles in shaping Glacier Hosting.

Thanks to the collective hard work and dedication of Nikhil, Harsh, Varun, and Kishan, Glacier Hosting has evolved into the platform you see today. Their commitment to providing quality and affordable hosting solutions has made a substantial impact on the Minecraft server community, leaving a lasting imprint on the landscape of online gaming.